Would you like to be a part of this? It may be the biggest

show in economics this century.

It takes a bit of work to do that...but here is how:

Join our Discussion Group and stay informed.

Make sure you know who we are:

Check out the back cover of the forthcoming book
Explore the various pages of our main website and check out some of the links.

Tell people that we are offering a way out for QE and the current too-low-to-be-healthy interest rates - Check out THE LOW INFLATION TRAP
The two pages prior to that explain something about interest rate behaviour.

Tell your own Member of Parliament or other law maker (Congressman etc) about the debate in the UK Parliament and the guidance that we offered. Very few people in Parliament or Congress are aware of our work. Maybe only one. We lead in this field.

Check out the LATEST UPDATES page for what is new

Now tell as many people as you can using social media and academics that you know what you have found out.

Why not tweet this page as well?


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